Yaletown Software Design is a software design and development studio located in Vancouver, Canada.

The company focuses on creating highly usable software through analysis, modeling and testing of the user experience.

In other words, we create simple software.
Yaletown Software Design was founded in early 2009 by Alex Pankratov, previously the principal designer and architect of the Hamachi project.

The design of Hamachi demonstrated that even the most complex software such as virtual private networking can be made simple and intuitive.

Yaletown Software Design was formed to apply the same design principles to other types of software that exhibit similar usability challenges.

Bvckup is our first project, with several more in the development pipeline. Give it a try, see what we are talking about.
Contact information for all Bvckup inquires can be found on Bvckup Support page.

Alternatively, email us at: